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Nissan's First Generation

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Nissan Family History

The History of the Nissan family is traced back to the early 20th Century. After so many years of hard work, the family managed to set foot in the Tourism Industry and was able to achieve many successes in this field and was passed on from Great Grandfather to son up-to-date. The Nissan family is one of the very few remaining Christian Families in The Holy Land. The Family is still using the Aramaic Language in their prayers, which is the ancient language spoken by our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, the same language spoken by the Prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, also the same language used in the Liturgy of Jacob, the brother Of God.​

Our Facilities

In the early 1940s, the NISSAN brothers, were able to obtain a license by the Ministry of tourism enabling them to sell religious souvenirs for Pilgrims. The idea of owning a store kept persisting until the early part of the 1970s when the dream became true, a small shop was established on Manger Street. Now, the family has expanded so much by God’s grace and are owners of the Largest Tourism facilities in the heart of Bethlehem.

Our facilities consist of:

  • BETHLEHEM NEW STORE: A large shopping facility, where all significant products from the Holy Land are found.

  • JERUSALEM NEW SOUVENIR STORE: A subsidiary branch at Mount Of Olives in Jerusalem

  • NISSAN OLIVE WOOD FACTORY: conveniently located under the main shopping facility in Bethlehem, easily accessible for tourists to experience and enjoy watching the craftsmen in Progress and to see how the work is done.

  • NISSAN RESTAURANT & HALL: A Five Star Restaurant, located next door to the shopping facility in Bethlehem, serving Oriental, International, Mediterranean Food, Catering, and a daily open Buffet and A la carte Menu and a Conference Hall, convenient for large groups accommodating up to 1000 people.

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